Kaelan Ong Wei Ern
  • June 2013 graduate
  • President’s Award Recipient & 4As scorer
  • Founder of Rotaract Club at TCSJ
  • Currently studying in London School of Economics
“It has been an amazing journey with Taylor’s College. The amount of encouragement I received from the teachers was great. They were extremely supportive and did not mind after-hour classes and consultations. Academics aside, the learning experience and exposure I had at Taylor’s College, especially participating in numerous conferences and events internationally was key in making me a better person after the one and a half year of college life I had.”
Rebecca Ong Yuen Teng
  • July 2013 Student
“A year ago, I would have never imagined myself as a student at Taylor’s. I am truly glad to be part of the Taylor’s family as I have met the most amazing friends throughout my learning experience and participating in various clubs and societies. I personally feel that I have grown mentally and physically stronger when faced with an obstacle or a hurdle; I guess I now have the courage to take that leap!”
Vivian Wong Kah Ong
  • 2013 Cambridge A Levels Graduate
  • Pursuing Engineering at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
“During my time in Taylor’s College, I was very grateful for the opportunities available. The students are very active so there are lots of charity events, workshops, talks and seminars, trips, conferences and competitions throughout the year. I had participated in many of those activities and had wonderful experiences. Towards the end of my study, I have become a more outspoken person with more leadership capability. Apart from graduating with 5A* for my A Levels, most importantly, I have formed lots of strong and lasting connections with my peers. Honestly, Taylor’s is one of the biggest turning points in my life.”
Han Suet Ling
  • 2013 Cambridge A Levels Student
“Studying at Taylor's College has been a great experience for me. The environment has enabled me to discover my full potential academically and strive for much more than before. I would never have imagined myself leading a huge charity club and organised large-scale events which makes me grown so much into a leader and learned important values and skills that are valuable for the future.”
Ng Chun Hau
  • 2013 Cambridge A Levels Student
“Taylor's provides a truly vibrant community in both academic and extra-curricular activities, which prompts me to move beyond my limitations and strive for the best. The experience as the President of Law Society is invaluable. Organising mooting competition and participating in National Law Societies' Conference were particularly enlightening, which strengthen my will to read Law at university. Effectively, Taylor's College bridges the gap between my secondary education and university, and I believe I am prepared to embrace a new chapter of life at university.”
Anishaa Sundramoorthy
  • 2013 Cambridge A Levels Student
“Throughout my days at Taylor's College, there's never a dull moment in our classroom because the classes conducted supplement theoretical subject matter with compelling real-life examples. We were guided to apply the knowledge at hand to current affairs, both at the national and international level, which trained us to be more confident and self -assured as an individual. College has changed me for the better and I'm thankful for that. I'll cherish my time at Taylor's and the wonderful friends and classmates who have been my comrades on this adventure.”
Ng Paey Yee
  • 2009 Cambridge A Levels Graduate
  • Recipient of Special Recognition Award
“I was born with congenital hearing impairment and had been wearing hearing aids since the age of one. I am lucky to receive strong moral and financial support from my family and endless help from my close friends who have shown great patience. I am also very grateful to my fantastic teachers – they are very skilled and knowledgeable, and are the main contributors to my achievements. I’m proud to be a Taylorian!”
Joyce Tan Ying Ying
  • 2012 Cambridge A Levels graduate
  • Recipient of Taylor’s College President Award
  • Pursued MSci in Natural Sciences at University College London
“I was once a fearful little girl who is afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone. In Taylor’s, I was assigned to help my peers with their studies in the subjects I was taking. It was a complete privilege to help my friends with their work, and I also benefit a lot while I was doing the explanation and tutoring. These opportunities, including chairing meetings and organising various events such as prom and Jog for Hope is the bravest thing I did in my life and for the first time, I held so much responsibilities in my hands. The whole process was so inspiring that I benefited most in terms of management and interpersonal skills.”
Ng Yi Rhu
  • 2008 Cambridge A Levels graduate
  • Graduated with First Class Honours from London School of Economics in Actuarial Science
“When I was studying in Taylor’s College Cambridge A Levels, it was good fun, despite the hard work we had to go through. Taylor’s knows what it takes for students to get into a good university. The teachers I had were very dedicated in their teachings, and they were very friendly and open to questions. My classmates were all smart and fun-loving, and it was just like being in secondary school again, minus the uniforms!”
Thou Mun Jean
  • 2008 Cambridge A Levels graduate
  • Graduated with First Class Honours from London School of Economics in Actuarial Science
“Don’t worry if you’re not good in certain subjects, as nobody is perfect. Just ask around and your friends / coursemates will be able to help. This is the environment that Taylor’s provide. Discussions with my hardworking A Levels classmates is good to have an idea how we understand certain things differently and it made me strive to do my best in studies. With the good results, I got into world-class university, which then trained me with various skillsets that helped in securing my current job.”