Campus Central serves as a one-stop student centre for all student-facing services, whether academic or non-academic matters.  Services under Campus Central include:
1. General Student Services

  • Issuance of Student ID (including replacement and temporary Student ID)
  • Application for Pedestrian Access Card
  • Locker rental
  • Lost and Found

2. Academic-related Services

  • Timetabling change
  • Deferment of studies
  • Inter-Programme Transfer
  • Subject Withdrawal
  • Submission of results for conversion of student status
  • Request for letter (EPF, Status Verification, Testimonial, etc)
  • Appeals
  • Withdrawal from programme
  • Submission of MC and approved Leave of Absence form

 3. Exam & Results Related Services

  • Review / Checking of results
  • Request for partial academic transcript
  • Collection Letter of Completion and Transcript

 4. Other Services

  • Request for installment / delayed payment
  • Certified true copy of documents
  • Update of students profile
  • Support students on ICT-related matters, Student Portal, TIMeS and Turnitin

 5. Feedback Management

  • Online feedback (complaint, suggestion, compliment)
  • Student Barometer (annual Student Satisfaction Survey)

Campus Central is the “face” of all student service but at the back-end, we work closely with departments and faculties to provide services to students. Students can access the “Campus Central Portal” (, a new way to navigate information on campus life and a higher level of self-help features. Apart from attending to students’ needs via face-to-face counter service, students can also reach out to us via email (, phone (03-5629 5026 / 5027/ 5891) and WhatsApp +6011 5699 3387.