A Dedicated Campus
Taylor's provides the necessary conducive environment for learning and development, to complement our quality academic programmes. Our campuses provide students with a comprehensive list of features and facilities to cater to our students' learning needs and comfort during their years with us.

Service Facilities:
  • Career Services Centre
  • Computer Labs
  • Counselling and Psychological Services Centre
  • Experimental Theatre
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Library
  • Sick Bay
  • Sports and Recreation Centre
  • Student Life Centre
  • The Grand Hall
  • U-Residence
  • UniGym

Academic Facilities:
  • Graduate School
  • Anatomy Laboratory
  • The Gallery & Critique Room
  • Design Studios
  • Drawing Room/Printmaking Room
  • Photo Studio
  • Audio Recording Studio & Audio Editing Laboratory
  • Engineering Laboratory
  • Restaurants
  • Wine Lab
  • Computer Labs
  • Moot Court

Service Facilities:

Career Services Centre
This centre provides students with reference materials and information about occupations, corporations and career opportunities.

Computer Labs
For computer practical classes. Each lab has an average of 33 computers.

1300-seater 4-storey library to suit students’ individual learning styles. The library is equipped with 24/7 study areas, discussion rooms, multimedia rooms, theatrette, computers, printing & photocopying facilities.

Sick Bay

Residence for students living on campus.

Sports and Recreation Centre
Multi-purpose courts (Futsal, netball, volleyball, basketball, cricket nets, tennis, dodgeball)

Student Life Centre
The Student Life Centre is a purpose driven centre devoted to provide a platform for Student Leaders and the student communities as a whole to engage in creative thinking, brainstorming of new ideas and implement the execution of these ideas.

The Centre features Discussion Hubs, a meeting room, independent study area and a Mini Events Zone. It is also where the TU Student Council office, Community Service Initiatives Volunteers office and International Student Services Centre are located.

The Grand Hall
1000-seater hall designed for campus events and activities such as convocations, examinations, exhibitions and gala dinners; as well as sports activities.

Lecture Theatres
Lectures and events are conducted in the hall which can seat up to 300 people.

Experimental Theatre
Suitable for stage performances (dramas and plays) and can be used for practice sessions. Equipped with stage, hi-tech acoustics and lighting systems. Seats surround the stage, providing a 360 degree view of performance.


Counseling and Psychological Services Centre
A centre for students, staff and parents to receive counselling on various emotion related issues.

Academic Facilities:

Anatomy Laboratory

Anatomy Museum

Clinical Skills Suite

The Gallery & Critique Room

Design Studios

Drawing Room/Printmaking Room

Graduate School

Photo Studio

Audio Recording Studio & Audio Editing Laboratory