Orientation Guides for Students

The Taylor’s Orientation Week is the first step towards transitioning as a student into a campus life with rich experiences. To ensure that you are able to gain the most from your time here at Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus, we have lined up a comprehensive and exciting orientation programme to help settle you in and to get you started with your life as a Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus student.

The orientation is also supported by the Taylor’s Orientation Leaders who are a team of senior students working collaboratively with the Student Development to assist new students in their transition to campus life during orientation week.
2018 Student Orientation Guides

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Why should I attend the Orientation?
  • Smooth Transition - Orientation eases new students’ transition and settling into Taylor’s education system, and the life and culture at our Lakeside Campus
  • Gain Full Access - Find your way around and gain access to facilities, support services, general amenities and transportation
  • Be Introduced and Get Involved - There are many activities beyond the classroom on offer at Taylor’s to cater to every need
  • Meet Other Students - Get acquainted with the globalized population on campus
  • Don’t Miss Out - Important information, checklists and to-dos when you arrive and throughout the duration of your studies, both from Faculty Offices and Support Services