10 Things No One Tells You About Pre-U Programmes

1: The journey is just as important as the final score.
There’s more to Pre-U programmes at Taylor’s College than getting into the world’s top universities. Our Pre-U programmes – Cambridge A Levels (CAL), Canadian Pre-University (CPU), South Australian Matriculation (SAM) / SACE International and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) – emphasise on experiential learning to equip you with life, learning and leadership skills. You’ll have the best start, no matter where the future takes you.

2: It trains you to be on your toes all the time.
While CAL is 100% exam-based, frequent internal assessments help track your progress and groom you towards the university of your choice. On top of excellent guidance, you’ll learn to be constant in improving your results and skills.

3: You’ll learn to collaborate like a pro.
When it comes to CAL, you’ll be part of a collaborative learning process that emphasises team projects and peer-to-peer interaction. On top of a great network, you’ll build strong communication and leadership skills.

4: It proves global awareness can start locally.
You don’t have to travel the world to adopt a global mindset. Pre-U programmes like CPU open up a world of new ideas and insights through leadership activities, international events and a healthy dose of critical thinking.

5: Your lecturers can make a world of difference.
The best syllabus and curriculum can do even more for you with the right people. That’s why CPU at Taylor’s College is taught by over 88% Canadian lecturers with Ontario Certification and years of experience. Genuine support and guidance are a guarantee.

6: It helps you decide on the best course for your future.
Pre-U programmes like SAM / SACE International help you to identify your interest and passion through experiential activities and community projects. You’ll discover your strengths and how to channel them towards your goals.

7: You’ll learn to lead yourself.
The SAM / SACE International programme shapes independent learners and thinkers through self-directed learning that utilises an investigative approach. It trains you to lead yourself before you go on to lead others. This is one of the factors why our students go on to score the world’s best results.*

8: The best lessons happen beyond the classroom.
From international trips aimed at rebuilding communities to local charity drives, IBDP provides opportunities for active social involvement to broaden your horizon and build essential life skills.

9: Traditional textbook studying takes a backseat.
IBDP surrounds you in a stimulating learning environment that utilises different teaching styles and study methods for the most effective learning. In fact, Taylor’s College has some of the best IBDP scores in the world**.

10: And yes, it can also get you into Harvard University.
Every year, Taylor’s College places over 1,000 students in the world’s top 200 universities. You can count on our structured programmes and proven track record to get you into the university of your choice.

*14 students scored ATAR 99.0 and above in SAM / SACE International (total of 18 worldwide in 2014).
**Students scored an average of 37.5 in IBDP in 2014 (the world average is 29.8).

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