Is College Still a Good Investment?

Parents can gain insights on developing their children’s capability to be enterprising in any setting at the upcoming Taylor’s College Parents’ Day

The rising cost of living has become a fixture of the national conversation. This impacts everything and every decision we make in our daily lives. When it comes to long-term investments, what would be the best one for your child’s future? Is it to ensure that your child makes a great choice of degree and future career with the right college?

According to a survey of Malaysian youths by The Asia Foundation in 2012, 73% of Malaysian youths are unhappy with their jobs as they failed to identify their personal goals, leading to a wrong career choice. Findings from Penn State University further show that 80% of students entering college are unsure of their study choices and career options.

In Malaysia, this is further compounded by high unemployment rate among graduates, with *161,000 graduates or 8.8% of youths aged between 20 and 24 years not having a job. It is much clearer now that getting an education is beyond getting a degree but also honing other skills and competencies.

“There has been a shift in education principles, whereby students are now expected to develop 21st century skills besides achieving academic excellence. Taylor’s College believes to prepare successful students; they need to be guided to discover their passion and interests, as a step towards realising the full extent of their individual talents and potential. As ‘parents’ to more than 70,000 students over more than 45 years, we strive to work closely with parents in bringing out the best in their child,” shared Mrs Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director of Taylor’s College Subang Jaya.

This approach of developing learning, life and leadership skills not only enhances students’ readiness, but also helps reduce college costs for parents. By enabling students to discover their talents and strengths before choosing a degree, they can make the right choice the first time.

When it comes to helping their child choose a college, today’s parents need to remember that top employers often consider an excellent academic track record to be a must. It is no longer a bonus for graduates, but just a starting point when employers sift through thousands of job applications. “Parents should look at colleges that offer a purposeful conducive environment that fosters an enterprising spirit among students, as this helps them develop attributes, capabilities and skills that enhance their employability,” said Dr Johnben Loy, Founder & Clinical Director, Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy, who is a USA-Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

Dr Johnben Loy was one of the speakers at the upcoming Taylor’s College Parents’ Day, where he will share with parents the steps in making education as well as career decisions with their children. “We should encourage an enterprising spirit among teenagers. Having an enterprising spirit does not mean aspiring to being entrepreneurs. It means cultivating skills that enable them to be enterprising in all aspects of their lives – far beyond just their careers,” he added.

Taylor’s College will help ease parents’ worries by providing opportunities to speak with experts in education and the academic field, representatives from international universities, as well as current students from all the pre-university courses offered - Cambridge A Levels, South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/ SACE International, Canadian Pre-University (CPU) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The students will be sharing information on their education journey and how their pre-university learning experience is helping to mould them into well-rounded individuals. Parents and students will also be able to meet counsellors who can provide more information on what each course offers, what they can achieve upon completing the course, and also help them select the most suitable course.

“At Taylor’s College, our pre-u curriculum and overall education experience help prepare students for the world’s top universities and ultimately the workforce, and we are proud to be recognised for our work,” added Mrs Hoe-Khoo.

In the international 2014 i-graduate survey, Taylor’s College achieved a rating of 89.4% in Overall Learning Experience, making them No. 1 in both Malaysia and Asia, a rating of 88.1% for Overall Living Experience - ranking No. 1 in Malaysia and No. 3 in Asia, and an average of 89% based on all criteria evaluated in the area of Student Support, placing the college at No 1 among institutions in both Malaysia and Asia.

* (Source: The Malay Mail, 12 May 2015, Graduates among 400,000 currently unemployed in Malaysia)