Corroboree – A SAM Jubilee

By Jared Ho, SAM graduate 2012

Held on the very last day of the final examinations – 9 November 2012 – the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) Corroboree, or commonly know as Prom, was the most significant point for all Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (TCSJ) SAM students – college is finally over!

Prom 2012 marked a time of celebration, but to many, it would mean separating from close friends they made while progressing through SAM. Happy or sad, SAM students did not miss out on the opportunity to bond even closer with one another for one final time.

Dressed to the nines in swanky tuxedos and glamorous dresses, over 500 SAM students came together at the Palace of the Golden Horses to experience the night of their lives.

Even with flowers and lights adorning the hall, it could never outshine the chatter and smiles of the students; sharing stories and exchanging laughter, there was no other time and place that students would rather be. The hall was also not short of camera flashes as students whipped out their cameras to have this very moment immortalised.

The Principal of SAM, Mrs Hoe Li Lin, was first to address her students. Congratulating the students for their achievements, Mrs Hoe’s speech was not ordinary as she had a little surprise prepared. Jumping onto the bandwagon, Mrs Hoe ended her speech with Gangnam Style, which got all students and teachers alike on their feet, galloping their way to the music.

The night continued on as SAM students stepped into the spotlight to showcase their talents. Attendees were able to dine to the sweet voices of Nick and Kwong, Darren Lee and Mamta as they performed their rendition of songs like ‘How Deep is Your Love’ and ‘She Will Be Love’, and their own composition. Other than that, several SAM students were also selected for Best Dressed contest where they had to strut their stuff on stage to gain the favour of the attendees.

As the night drew to a close, prom night hit its highest point – the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. Attendees also had the opportunity to vote on the Best Dressed and Prom King & Queen as nominees performed quirky tasks like martial arts and sensual dances to win the hearts of the students.

The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement when the time came for the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. With drums rolling and hearts beating, Alvin Choo and Brenda Ong were crowned Prom King and Queen respectively. Soon after, the dance floor opened and students flooded the dance floor as they bust a move to the beat.

As the night came to a close, and the call for departure neared, undoubtedly friendships and memories made will always remain.