Did Hollywood Get Pre-U Programmes Right?

It’s easy to believe Hollywood’s portrayal of college life. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth – especially when it comes to Pre-U programmes at Taylor’s College. Our Cambridge A Levels (CAL), Canadian Pre-University (CPU), South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/SACE International and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) have experiential learning at its heart and aims to equip you with life, learning and leadership skills. What you’ll experience is the best start, no matter where the future takes you.

Your learning habits drastically evolve. (SAM/SACE International)
Textbooks are just the tip of the surface. You’ll learn to explore your own ideas and draw your own conclusions with SAM/SACE International. The programme shapes independent learners and thinkers through self-directed learning that utilises an investigative approach. It’s also one of the factors why our students go on to score the world’s best results.*

Your conversation topics range from KL eateries to Swedish policies. (CPU)
International exposure comes in many forms. Our CPU programme helps you gain new insights and a global mindset through leadership activities, international events and a culturally diverse environment.

Your lecturer is your best ally. (CPU)
The ones who care are the ones who make a difference. Luckily, you’ll find genuine support and guidance to be the norm at Taylor’s College. You’ll also find that our CPU programme is taught by over 88% Canadian lecturers with Ontario Certification and years of experience.

Your classroom doesn’t always have four walls. (IBDP)
Programmes like IBDP emphasise experiential learning and go beyond the classroom. You’ll experience hands on, how to put your knowledge to practical use in industrial trips, community events and competitions. While you pick up problem solving skills, you’ll also be meeting new people and exploring different cultures.

Your ‘homework’ includes social change. (IBDP)
When it comes to IBDP, assignments also come in the form of local charity events and international trips aimed at rebuilding communities. You’ll experience active social involvement to broaden your horizon and build essential life skills.

Your team is everyone. (CAL)
Teamwork takes on new meaning in CAL. You’ll be part of a collaborative learning process that emphasises team projects, group activities and peer-to-peer interaction on a daily basis. Excellent collaboration and communication skills are just part of coursework.

Your view on independence becomes broader. (CAL)
Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t get excellent guidance. While CAL is 100% exam-based, frequent internal assessments help track your progress and groom you towards the university of your choice. You’ll learn to independently improve your results and skills to pursue your goals.

Your best years.
Hollywood got this one right. These are some of the best times in your life. And if you choose Taylor’s College, it’ll also be the best way to prepare yourself for the challenges of university and beyond.

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*South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/SACE International, World’s Best Results. 14 students scored ATAR 99.0 and above in SAM/SACE International (total of 18 worldwide in 2014).