Excelling in SAM – Student Shares

Written by Suzanne Yin, South Australian Matriculation (SAM) SAM graduate 2011

Myth: The SAM assessment system is tough. There’s not enough time to complete the assignments!

At SAM, college-based assessments make up 70% of the final marks and external examinations make up the other 30%. When some people hear this, they immediately think it won’t be easy. I however, personally feel that assignments are not difficult if you have the right attitude and method of studying.

It is important to understand what SAM is all about. If you are like me, who enjoys topical class tests, collaborative work, self-directed learning, essay-writing and presentations, you will feel comfortable in SAM! A tip to excelling in SAM is to be wary of your assignment deadlines. From the beginning of the first class, all SAM teachers would have briefed their students on every assessment of the year, as well as the allocation of marks. Usually, this assessment plan would only have minor changes thus, there is no excuse for not knowing when your investigation report is due.