Give your child the college experience you NEVER had

The phrase work hard, play hard is a familiar one for adults. But when it comes to students, it often boils down to study more, play less. However ‘playing’ doesn’t have to mean wild parties or aimless hanging out.

At Taylor’s College, we believe that great education goes hand-in-hand with rich life experiences that involve going beyond the classroom. It allows us to educate the mind and the heart, developing students that are well balanced and better prepared for the challenges of university and adulthood.

That's why experiential learning is at the heart of all our Pre-U programmes. Our interactive modules emphasise hands-on learning in the form of community activities, industry visits, social projects, international events, networking sessions and more. By ‘playing’, students have a chance to work with new people in new environments and broaden their mindsets. Through these experiences, students build essential life, learning and leadership skills.

It’s not all fun and games either. Experiential learning at Taylor’s College plays an important role in helping students to deepen their understanding while training them to apply knowledge in practical situations. Such experience is invaluable and ultimately equips students with the 5Cs: Critical Thinking and problem solving, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and innovation, and Cultural adaptation.

A strong student support system is also part of the learning environment to help students discover their full potential. Numerous clubs and activities act as social learning platforms to nurture soft skills such as teamwork and communication. At the same time, professional counsellors and experienced lecturers are dedicated in providing solid guidance and encouragement.

More importantly, this unique blend of college education and life experience works. Taylor’s College is recognised for some of the best Pre-University results both locally and internationally.
  • Cambridge A Level (CAL), Best Results in Malaysia1
  • Canadian Pre-University (CPU), Outstanding Results2
  • South Australian Matriculation (SAM) / SACE International, World’s Best Results3
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Best Results in Malaysia4
In addition, over 1,000 students from Taylor’s College are successfully placed into the world’s top 200 universities every year. With rich life experiences under one arm and excellent grades under the other, you could say that study hard, play hard might just be the key to having the best start in life.

1   A total of 1,553 students scored 3As and above in CAL June examinations (2012-2015).
2   Over 80% of students scored an average of 70% and higher in their exams (2012-2014).
3   14 students scored ATAR 99.0 and above in SAM / SACE International (total of 18 worldwide in 2014).
4   Students scored an average of 37.5 in IBDP in 2014 (the world average is 29.8).
5   Every year, over 1,000 students are placed into the top 200 universities worldwide (2007-2014).
6   Based on the Student Barometer 2014 Survey by i-graduate, a UK-based agency that surveyed 2 million students from 211 colleges and universities worldwide.

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