Identify The Right Study and Career Choice with PReP

Taylor’s College launches Pre-Registration Programme (PReP), where students are guided to identify their unique personality profile and explore further on which pre-university programme is most suitable for them.

The 5-days programme is designed to help students’ transition from school environment to college, with opportunities for them to acquire life -changing skills to excel in study, career and life.

“It’s a new experience which is way different from previous school camps. The activities were taught through creative ways and we learned how to understand ourselves better and prepare for more fluid transition into college life,” says Eugene Tan Sze Jiet, 18, Taylor’s College student.  

“Most of the activities were skills-based on teamwork and collaborating as a group in solving problems creatively and innovatively. We became more confident in ourselves and our team members as we learned that you don’t need a title to become a leader,” says Andrew Wee, 16, Taylor’s College student.  

 Phuah Ru Quan, 18, shared her views on the PReP programme, “There was a session on identifying the happiest moments in our lives, goal settings, aspirations and what we expect to be in the future. Now I have a clearer idea on my future pathway as well as the expectations required to excel in college and beyond.”   

Lim Ca Yee, 18, feels more confident in herself after PReP, “This programme has changed and impacted my life. I learned how to make new friends and experience the programme together with them. Also, I have never been so punctual before in my whole life, now I can manage my time well and be on time for classes!”  

Taylor’s College PReP is an ideal launch pad for students to acquire the 5 Critical Skills (5Cs): Communication; Collaboration; Cultural Adaptation; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Creativity and Innovation; which is the blueprint for Malaysia Graduate Employability by the Ministry of Education.  

With PReP, students will have personal experiences through a series of workshops, classes and activities, including a camp to test their life skills and discover the choice of pre-university programme in line with their personal goals.  

Following the first PReP session, more sessions will be conducted in March 2015 and are now open for enrolment.