iPad & Me

The Learning Revolution. On a mission to radically change how learning is done, teachers of Taylor’s College now teach with the as a teaching and learning tool. Students come into college equipped with an iPad, tablet or smartphone in their hands. To showcase the multitude of apps and brilliance of the iPad in education, South Australian Matriculation (SAM) students came together to put up a show at the iPad & Me Showcase on 5 December.

Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (TCSJ) teachers and administrative staff attended the event as SAM students demonstrated the various apps fine-tuned for their specific subjects. For one, Chemistry students introduced ‘The Elementals’, an app that displays elements in the Periodic Table of Elements in an engaging animation and clean card with its details. On top of that, students also proudly presented the e-textbooks, which reduces the weight of their textbooks to a stunning 652g only (the weight of an iPad)!

SAM July 2012 intake student, Mohd Hasif-Irfan bin Shamsir Adlan shares the benefits he experienced from the iPad, “The iPad is one of the best investments I have made. The apps available help make theory more relatable and concepts more practical. While being more hands-on, students become more energetic as lessons become livelier. The iPad creates a whole new platform of interaction during classes, especially when students share about new apps they discover and teach each other on how to use the apps. Classmates don't remain classmates anymore, we become close friends, over the iPad.”

His coursemate, Wayne Ong Shea Shen, agrees, “The iPad has helped me a lot in my education. A key app, ‘Khan Academy’, which provides users with videos covering a wide variety of topics from Math to Science to Economics, has helped me understand topics that I do not understand. As the videos are always available, I can always learn in college or at home as long as I have my iPad.”