KPM Bursary Students Get an Amazing Head Start to Excel at Taylor’s College

Taylor’s College KPM Bursary Pathway is off to a great start as the KPM Bursary scholars who have enrolled with Taylor’s College had the exclusive opportunity to participate in this programme that was held on 26 – 30 April 2015.

This 5 days/4 nights programme is designed specifically to provide the KPM Bursary students the chance to experience life as a student at Taylor’s College where they are guided to acquire critical skills such as learning skills, life skills and leadership skills to prepare and guide their transition from school to college environment.

S.G.Murali, the Principal of Cambridge A Levels, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya shared that the real challenges faced by both parents and students as they embark on the next phase of their lives, “Over the last 11 years prior to college, the school environment has provided a comprehensive and well-ordered learning environment. As they transition into college environment, it has to be purposefully designed to guide the students to learn the essential skills to prepare them for university and eventually for the workplace. This is when a child needs to learn to observe and reflect, lead and manage their own time and develop decision making abilities in key issues such as, what is my learning style, how would I like to study, what are my goals and values in life, etc.”

Understanding the importance of these needs, the KPM Bursary Pathway Programme is designed to provide guided exposure for these students to life skills beyond academic proficiencies, including crafting their future vision, understanding social responsibilities, visiting the old folk’s home, making and communicating with new friends, making up their own room, as well as acquiring various life management skills.

Yu Zhe Lin, 17, had a whole new perspective about college life after the KPM Bursary Pathway programme. “I’ve never knew the importance of crafting a personal mission to path my way to success. It’s an opportunity for me to learn to be independent, make new friends and appreciate the importance of time. The most memorable moment was the visit to the old folk’s home, where we experienced such close bonding with the senior citizens within a short frame of time. I really enjoyed the learning environment in the college.”

Raymen Chandrasagran, 17, shared his experience, “During the last 5 days, I’ve learned a lot of skills and values which guided me to identify my goals to succeed in life and the importance of responsibility. Meeting the KPM Bursary seniors, Senior Academics from the college, fellow Pathway programme participants and individuals from the community encouraged us to open up our paradigms and connect with them. These activities have left a lasting impression and will guide the way I think and behave in the future.”

“KPM Pathway gave me the opportunity to explore the possibilities on what to expect in college, the upfront experience will make it easier for me to blend into the new study environment,” said Huda binti Jamari, 17.

The Taylor’s College KPM Bursary Pathway programme is exclusively for Taylor’s College KPM Bursary students to gain a head start in college, as one learns to navigate seamlessly through classes when the semester starts. Students are also guided to equip themselves with learning skills, life skills and leadership skills, which would help them in achieving their university and career goals.

The upcoming KPM Bursary Pathway sessions will be held as follows:
24 – 28 May 2015
7 – 11 June 2015
21 – 25 June 2015

For more information on KPM Bursary Pathway 2015, kindly visit this page or call us at 03-5636 2641.