SAM Gala Award Ceremony

Getting recognised for your contribution in a project gives you a strong sense of satisfaction and the desire to do more. Recognition is what 525 students (almost half the cohort) from South Australian Matriculation (SAM) received at the SAM Gala Award Ceremony in early October!

These ‘Beyond Classroom Learning’ activities form part of the SAM ‘curriculum’ to develop not just learning, but also personal development, communication, citizenship and work skills. From community service to environmental awareness to social events for the SAM community, students wasted no time in contributing their time, talent and skills to bring these projects to life, at the same time impacting the community at large.

The 2012 projects and committees recognised are:

SAM projects and committees
  • SAM Student Council
  • SAM Fiesta Committee
  • SAM Spotlight Committee
  • SAM Winangali (Editorial) Board
  • SAM Corroboree (prom)
Environmental awareness
  • Raptor Watch
  • Carbon Footprint Project
  • Save the Shark Campaign
Community service
  • MADU (Make a Difference United)
Business leadership
  • Discover Learning on Managing a Company
Legal studies
  • Bond University Mooting Competition
  • Australian National Chemistry Quiz
  • Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia (Chemistry)
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Euclid Contest by University of Waterloo (Mathematics)
  • National Mathematical Olympiad

Worthy of note was the MADU project which ran from March to August and involved 65 students in a voluntary 6-month mentoring, academic coaching and physiotherapy programme for poor urban children and various NGO centres.

Recognition was also given to three students out of the entire cohort, who stood out with their innovative leadership; awarded with the title ‘Most Outstanding Student’. They were Aileen Yeo Sue Jen (President, SAM Student Council), Tey Vincent (Editor, Winangali Editorial Board) and Olivia Vun Kai Li (Organiser, Save the Shark Campaign).

Well done, SAM 2012 students!