Taylor’s College says yes to STPM Assessment changes

Long Term Benefits For Students

Subang Jaya, 9 March 2012 – Taylor's College, Malaysia's top pre-university institution, today lauded the Government's actions to implement a new Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) exam system, effective this year, citing several long term benefits for students.

In a move that will have an increased focus on assignments, practical work and research, Taylor's College views this change as a timely step towards keeping up with the expectations of local and international universities and ultimately employers. Taylor's College believes that in receiving a balanced pre-university education, students will be better prepared for university life and beyond.

"We view the emphasis on outcome-based learning as a positive step taken by the Education Ministry. Taylor's College is encouraged by the significant progress that is very much in tandem with educational practices worldwide. This approach is also a significant step forward and students will now be encouraged to maintain a consistent quality of work throughout the duration of their sixth form," said President of Taylor's College, Mr. Lim Tou Boon.

Having had positive experiences with outcome-based teaching, Taylor's College have witnessed its incoming SPM student population not only adapt quickly to the change in model, but also thrive in a lesser-exam oriented environment. In addition, the College was quick to list several other benefits of outcome-based learning which included a solid foundation for university level learning, increased teacher-student interaction and improved student engagement.

Mr. Lim further commented, "Changes should not adversely affect students. In fact, we have seen students successfully immerse themselves in outcome-based learning due to the "student friendly' nature of this model. Successful implementation of this programme will see students in a new learning experience with long-term benefits. We would encourage the key decision makers to ensure the readiness of teachers to dedicate the necessary energy and attention to students with this model."

According to Taylor's College, if successful, benefits towards students are continuous and include increased opportunities for high-achieving students to further develop independent studying and consistently improve themselves. Regular assessments will allow teachers to identify the cluster of students who may require additional learning support.

Taylor's College is optimistic that with this paradigm shift in Malaysia's educational system, students will be empowered to achieve excellent results in the coming years. Taylor's College also hopes to continue contributing to the process of upgrading teaching experiences.