Taylor’s College Students Bound For Oxford, Cambridge And Harvard Make Malaysia Proud

11 Outstanding Students Aspire to Return and Give Back to the Society

Leading pre-university education provider, Taylor’s College, has once again proven its track record of producing high achievers when 11 of its students received acceptance into the world’s top three universities - Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard University.

“We are very proud indeed to see our students achieve their goal of entering university of their choice. It is truly a privileged to be in the presence of such spirited and passionate youths who at the same time have dreams of returning to contribute towards the betterment of communities and Malaysia as a nation. We wish them all the success and hope that the example they have set will inspire more students to continue persevering to achieve their respective goals,” said Taylor’s College President, Mr Lim Tou Boon.

Sharyn Wong Yi Jien, who has been accepted to Cambridge University, expressed her excitement in progressing into the next phase of her student life. She credited her wholesome experience at Taylor’s College to her overall preparation process to study in one of the top universities in the world. “I believe wisdom, as stated in the Taylor’s College motto, is definitely what I received throughout my experience here in addition to the soft skills I obtained through the clubs particularly when the Performing Arts Clubs I joined which helped me interact effectively with my peers.”

“The Taylor’s College Placement Centre definitely played an important role in helping me prepare for my studies in Cambridge through the personal guidance from the counsellors. Coming from Terengganu, I hope to inspire my peers of the value in a balanced and wholesome education experience just like how I experienced at Taylor’s College,” said Sharyn who intends to pursue her studies in law.

Fellow Cambridge University bound student, Jason Too Yip Jee admitted he knew where he wanted to study from the beginning. He said that he enrolled in Taylor’s College not only to get into Cambridge but for the wholesome student life experience. “Sometimes we miss all these details so it is good to step back once in a while to appreciate our friends, family and the joy of the entire pre-university experience. Burn out is a real problem among students which is why having good friends helps us cope. In addition to friends and teachers, I am grateful to my parents who have been so supportive and understanding,” said the Seremban native who aims to return and bring about improvement to his home town. Learning to be independent was a key value Brian Khor Jia Jiunn picked up upon transitioning from school to pre-university. “The road to success starts by taking the initiative to learn, adopting an inquisitive nature and being teachable. I believe our daily experiences give us valuable lessons. I think what truly sets me apart is my ability to express my thoughts which proved beneficial during my application interview,” said Brian. The Oxford University bound student is confident of adapting to student life abroad with the key skills implemented in Taylor’s College which are learning, leadership and life-long learning skills.

Also joining Brian at Oxford University is Christopher Lim Zi Kai who aspires to further his studies in chemical engineering. Christopher credited his holistic education at Taylor’s College as the factor for his success citing his memorable experience as the Taylor’s College Toast Master treasurer. “Academics are important but it is incomplete without soft skills to complement it. I picked up life-long skills such as negotiating, planning, organising and preparing back-up plans which I know will benefit me throughout life,” said Christopher. In preparation for his studies abroad, he says communication and networking skills are vital.

Eleasha Chew completes the group of 11 Malaysian students bound for the top three universities in the world. She is the latest Malaysian to be accepted into Harvard University in three years. “Being in such a rigorous programme such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) really cultivated this spirit of excellence in me. My aspirations are not confined because I am very open to possibilities but I do know my life goal is to make a difference in my community. My hope is to someday enable healthcare to be more accessible to residents in rural areas,” expressed the Penangite who has a keen interested in molecular biology.

To date, Taylor’s College’s track record lists a total of 7,500 students who have successfully obtained places in top universities worldwide in the past 7 years.