Taylor’s SAM Tops the World Again

Taylor’s College celebrated the outstanding achievements of the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) graduates of 2011. This year, four students – Patricia Thong, Chew Jia Jiet, Kathleen Poh and Lee Sheng Rei – received the prestigious Chairman’s Award. This award recognises students who have achieved the highest academic standing of ATAR99.90.

18-year old Patricia Thong Wei Yin set a new benchmark for SAM students by attaining the highest ATAR of 99.90 earning recognition from the SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) Board of South Australia as one of the two top students in the world. Patricia also brought home Merit Awards for Biology, Chemistry, and English as a Second Language.

“My father always told me that ‘preparation always begins from the start’; so I made sure I started working on my studies from the very beginning of my SAM programme. I’ve always wanted to study Veterinary Science, and I am glad that my efforts in SAM have secured me a path to pursuing my dream,” said Patricia, who will be heading to Murdoch University, Australia to pursue a double degree in Veterinary Biology and Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

The award ceremony also saw 22 Merit Awards presented to 29 students from Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (TCSJ) and Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas (TCSH).

Graced by the presence of Dr Paul Kilvert, Chief Executive, SACE Board of South Australia, the Taylor’s SAM Awards ceremony also presented the prestigious President’s Award to recognise three outstanding SAM students.

Balancing a challenging one year pre-university programme and participating actively in extra –curricular activities, the President’s award recipients – Yin Shu Hui, Yap Han Loon and Chew Jia Jiet – also portrayed exceptional organisational skills by holding significant leadership positions in their respective clubs.

“Consistency is the key to success. Being consistent in maintaining my academic performance was the main reason that I probably received this award. Having my parent’s support was also a key factor to my success; they accompanied me during the late hours of my studying and made sure I stayed healthy and ate well. I am truly grateful for their love and support,” said Chew, a student from TCSH who impressed the selection committee with his passion to help the community.

Parents Awed by SAM Success
A Cutting Edge Advantage

“Dear Mrs Hoe and all SAM staff at TCSJ,

Big congratulations to your excellent leadership that brought in yet another awesome performance for SAM 2011 results.

I write to express our heartfelt thanks to your team for the dedication and commitment that they have given to my son, Clinton Oh, who obtained ATAR 98.65, giving him a cutting edge advantage. I still recall that your team took the time and effort to take us through this programme before he enrolled.

We were fortunate to have acted according to your advice as we were indecisive at that time.”

Mr Oh Boon Thong

Thank You for Going the Extra Mile

“Dear Mr Lim,

I take this opportunity to acknowledge what you have done for my nephews Kennet Abrams Lopez and Brian Irvin Lopez who both studied the SAM programme at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.

Two years ago, Kennet scored ATAR 92.65 and he is now in his 2nd year, MBBS at Melaka-Manipal University India. His younger brother, Brian was recently recognised for his ATAR score of 94.95 at the awards ceremony recently. Brian has been accepted to the International Medical University (IMU) for his studies in MBBS commencing February 2012.

Taylor’s pushed them to do well while sustaining them emotionally and socially in the challenging circumstances they faced when they tragically lost their parents in 2009. Here’s a simple note to say “thank you” for going the extra mile with students… Well done!”

Ms Irine Lopez