A Day of Tears and Smiles at Taylor's College Experiential Programme (TCXP) Graduation

Taylor’s College Experiential Programme (TCXP) ends on a high-note on 7 February 2015 after a 3-days, 2-nights experience for 52 students who enrolled into the programme. The programme was designed for students to become a Taylorian for 3 days to discover their interest and passion, and help them decide which pre-university programme would bring out the best in them.

The students, who joined the programme on 5th February, have grown so close to each other within days, shared that this was an experience they have never imagined. “We were so awkward on the first day and it was so quiet when we sat through classes. The thought of being away from my newly made friends just breaks my heart,” says Allysa Loo Binti Zainai through her tears. “It’s beyond my expectations. For the first time in my life, I’m participating in a programme which really allows me to learn so much.”

Siti Najihah Binti Abdullah Najib express, “It was a life-changing programme for me, I wasn’t confident in the beginning to mix around with new friends, and for the first time in my last 12 years of school life, I’ve learned to open up to new people and experiences.”

“I’ve never spoken so much English in my life. I was so afraid to speak in a language I’m unfamiliar with but this programme build my confidence and make me step out of my comfort zone as I learned to discover my strengths and learn how to communicate with my team mates,” shares Wan Hisham Wan Jalaluddin.

Parents who attended the graduation ceremony were glad to see that their child enjoyed the programme. Leong Kok Chaw was happy to see his son so confident in himself, “He was enjoying himself, I can see that he is more focus on his goals now, which is a positive move.”

“My son is clearer on his choice of programme now! It’s a good stepping stone for students to discover which programme is right for them as well as identifying their future university and career path,” says Sheela.

Taylor’s College Experiential Programme (TCXP) is an exclusive opportunity for students to experience the different pre-university programmes in Taylor’s College and be guided to acquire learning skills, life skills and leadership skills to adapt successfully from school to college life:
  • Personal experience on how pre-university programmes are being delivered for:
  • Experience learning skills through new learning approaches which will drive you towards academic excellence
  • Discover your passion and interest, identify your strength & craft your personal mission and career vision
  • Make new friends from all walks of life who share the same journey as you do
  • Exclusive opportunity to meet the academic leaders and seniors of the pre-university programme
  • Complete your student experience with accommodation at our student apartments
  • Identify the Pre-University programme that has the potential to bring out the best in you

At Taylor’s College, we see every day as an opportunity to impart these essential skills to students, which will prepare them towards success in life; advantages they simply cannot afford to miss in order not to be left behind.