Lim Shir Ling
  • SAM/SACE International 2014 graduate
  • Achieved ATAR 99.90
  • Highest SAM/SACE International Student Achiever Award
  • Highest SAM/SACE International Subject Achievement Award for Specialist Mathematics
  • SAM/SACE International Subject Merit Award for Chemistry, Mathematical Studies and Physics
  • Chairman’s Award Recipient
  • Currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at University of Sydney
“Upon the completion of the SAM/SACE International programme, I realised that I have become a more assertive person. From a shy girl in school, I grew to be confident in SAM to be able to present my ideas and to work collaboratively. The learning skills that I developed here, such as analytical thinking and effective communication, would definitely prepare me well for my university years”
  Lee Ming Jun
  • SAM/SACE International 2012 graduate
  • SAM/SACE International Highest Overall Achiever Worldwide (ATAR 99.90) & SAM/ SACE International Highest Subject Achiever Worldwide (Physics)
  • President’s Award Recipient
  • Currently pursuing Medicine at Universiti Sains Malaysia
“My SAM/SACE International teachers were very responsible, dedicated and helpful. In class, the lecturers tried to teach difficult topics with methods we are familiar with so that we can understand better. Also, with the aid of technology such as online tutorial videos made by our lecturers and iPad apps, we were able to learn through pictures or animations which made the lessons interesting and easier to understand.”
Tan Tian Rong
  • SAM/SACE International 2013 graduateAM 2013 graduate
  • Obtained ATAR 99.00 and SAM/SACE International Highest Subject Achiever Worldwide  for English as Second Language (ESL) Studies
  • President’s Award Recipient
  • Currently pursuing Commerce at University of Melbourne
“SAM/SACE International has definitely helped bridge the gap between secondary school and university. The frequent coursework encouraged me to remain consistent and manage my time, whilst equipping me with the essential skills of academic report writing, presentation and self expression. These have prepared me well for the university environment, where communication and collaboration are paramount.”
How Yi Xin
  • SAM July 2013 Student
  • Petronas Scholar
  • Currently studying in Taylor’s College
“I never thought learning could be so energising until I joined the South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/SACE International programme at Taylor’s College. In SAM, being constantly on the go and working regularly on assignments is expected. These new expectations have taught me to manage myself well and set clear priorities. I was also given many opportunities to polish my soft-skills through co-curricular activities, such as the SAMsational event, Psychology Tutor-Tutee Programme, taking the lead in the Student Support Programme, and many more. These have strengthened me to be a more confident team player.”
Olivia Vun Kai Li
  • Year 2012 SAM Graduate
  • Obtained ATAR 97.80 and Merit award recipient for English as Second Language (ESL) Studies
  • President Award Recipient
  • Pursuing Speech Pathology at University of Sydney, Australia
“I was actively involved in lots of SAM activities that added value to my learning. I was often asked why I wanted to be involved in so many activities, especially when class tests and assignments make up part of my assessments. It all boils down to one word - passion. As Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. I find this quote reflects me. I learnt soft skills, important values, identified my weaknesses and my strengths while volunteering and leading in SAM environmental awareness and community engagement projects in collaboration with NGOs. All in all, the experience gained brought value to my year in SAM and has made me a better person. I am grateful to my lecturers and advisors who gave me unreserved support and encouragement.”
Eric Chan Wah Hsien
  • SAM 2009 Graduate
  • Graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Currently working in OCBC Bank
“In Taylor’s College SAM, I had the chance to hone my leadership skills, learned to deal and network with people from different backgrounds and had a good learning experience in organizing activities like the SAM Fiesta, March Orientation Party and the Charity Carnival. I also had the prime opportunity to represent the college in the Career Summit for Future Malaysian Leaders and gained a lot of insight into the outside working world from leading business leaders. All of these activities have really enriched my life here at SAM and Taylor’s and all I needed to do was to manage my studies well and take the lead.”
Ian Teng Weng Yew
  • SAM Year 2012 Graduate
  • ATAR 99.95 (World’s top scorer)
  • Pursuing Medicine at The University of New South Wales, Australia
“I attribute my success partly to my teachers in SAM. I learned so much from them. It definitely saves me a lot of time studying when teachers provide guidance with key words and trends of questions which may appear in the examination. I also helped my classmates a lot with their schoolwork and projects. Through teaching them, I discovered new knowledge and ways of application.”
Sarah Chew Wen Lin
  • SAM Year 2011 Graduate
  • Achieved ATAR 99.90
  • Graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from University of New South Wales, Australia
“My experience with SAM in Taylor’s College was unforgettable and highly rewarding. And to think that I was initially apprehensive about my first day, worried about the syllabus and meeting new people. However, when the final day arrived, we were all heavy-hearted at the thought of parting our separate ways. Of course, I have to mention about the dedicated lecturers that I had the chance to study under, which made my experience all the more enjoyable too.”