We have turned students into leaders; dreams into reality; ambitions into achievements. And now, they are in the top 200 universities in the world.
  Eleasha Chew Sue Yuen
Harvard University
“As the first Malaysian student to be accepted into Harvard University since 2010, the experience is amazing and I am truly thankful.”
  Charmaine Tan Lynn Yin
The University of Cambridge
“University Placement Services equipped me for university applications and I am thankful for their help in getting to where I am today.”
  Lee Han Rick
Bond University, Australia
“It was a pleasure dealing with the University Placement Services as everyone I dealt with gave their best and provided me with excellent service. I only had a short time frame of 3 weeks to complete my application for the university and visa as I applied to Bond University, which start their semester on the second week of January. I would recommend everyone to go through Taylor's University Placement Services for their university applications because of the committed staff they have, who will dedicate their time to ease the transition from Taylor's to the university of your choice.”
  Ng Yi Rhu
London School of Economics & Political Science, UK
“The staff at University Placement Services were familiar with the application processes and they knew what the universities are looking for in potential students, and they made sure our forms were complete with relevant details before submitting. It was very helpful as it was all very new to us college students and we wouldn’t have known what to do without them.”
  Vimesshan Nair
University of Sheffield, UK
“When I first walked into University Placement Services, I was clueless about where to study except for knowing that I wanted to further my studies to the UK. Months later, I successfully received offers from the universities I applied to. I was very happy that I did not face any glitches in my applications. Studying aeronautical engineering at The University of Sheffield is really a dream come true. I am sincerely thankful to the team.”
  Andrew Tan
Trent University, Canada
“I first began to take an interest in Trent University at one of the (several) Canadian Education Fairs organized by the University Placement Services. The application was quick and efficient. If there was one thing that made Trent different from the rest was the level of intimacy and how personal the interactions were with the University. Five liaison/admission officers from Canada met with just the two of us (my friend and I) to answer our questions. They definitely made the application process so much more efficient.”
  Ng Sinn-Shun
Macquarie University, Australia
“I applied to several universities and received offers from a few universities, including Macquarie University, Australia. Taylor’s University Placement Services informed me about the scholarships for international students and support me throughout the application process. Thanks to University Placement Services for their warm and friendly assistance.””